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You Can Have It All. Just Not All At Once.

It took me awhile to truly digest this quote from Oprah – maybe a full year to be honest. I was struggling with fertility and struggling with my job, but from the outset my friends saw me traveling and living my best life. Fast forward two years, I had a wonderful daughter, I had a new job that gave me more liberties to care for my daughter’s ailments, but I really didn’t like the job, and I was definitely not traveling.

I’ve learned (and still learning) that while everything may not be going ‘just right’ at one time, it’s likely for the best. Because while I can envision all the great things I want in my life on paper, in reality it’s a logistical nightmare.

Whenever I speak on panels and asked about a quote or mantra, this is one I almost always say. It’s taught me to adjust the scales of perfection and excellence, and how to balance what joy looks like in my life. It’s taught me how to prioritize and think of life as episodes – there’s always a next show, and a next show, until the series finale (and we have a long ways to go before we get there!)

So hopefully this blog leaves you with encouragement to chase what’s yours in this season, but also understand by doing so you may need to make some tradeoffs. Being a full-fledged entrepreneur requires less Housewives of Atlanta, or less Starbucks (buy a Keurig). But the rewards will be greater

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