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Secret Ingredient of Branding

I was recently asked what’s the secret ingredient to Branding - whether that’s a personal brand or new entrepreneurial venture. My answer wasn’t what people would expect…

But as you follow my blog, you could take a wild guess – it’s PURPOSE. Before you start any new brand, it’s so important to understand WHY you are doing what you’re doing. This is your foundation, your core, and what will stand the test of time – as colors fade, logos get redesigned, websites get changed, etc.

Baking your Purpose into your brand allows you to:

· Set a VISION for yourself: Where do you want this brand to GO?

· Drive CLARITY on who you are, and who you are not (or as marketers say, what’s in SCOPE). This also helps determine who are your RIGHT customers and what resonates with them

· BRAND BEYOND THE PRETTY – you will now have a brand that just doesn’t aesthetically please your audience, but deeply connects with their emotions and ultimately their pockets

I’m excited to share more about this at the JUST START Workshop March 16 in Washington, DC. Click here to learn more:

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