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Meet Cherice 

Corporate Marketer | Mompreneur | Nonprofit Board President | Wife | Personal Assistant to Bella Boss

10 years ago I found myself unemployed during the great recession. This was quite a blow to me, considering I had just recently graduated with a MBA in Marketing and General Management, and thought my future was looking bright. Yea, bright in debt! 


Interview after interview, I was rejected. Heck, I barely had my resume acknowledged. This caused a lot of soul searching, doubting... and free time on Twitter. One day while in the Tweets (read: Twitter streets), I had a friend reach out to me casually, and ask me about the brand strategy process I used with one of my employers. I quickly responded to her eager to help. Until she gently told me to stop talking for free, and that she (her company) would pay me for my services. And that, my friends is how my entrepreneurship journey begin.


Fast forward 10 years, 4 corporate jobs, and 3 states: I've racked up substantial and impactful experiences growing not only classic household brands (i.e. Target, Pizza Hut, BOTOX Cosmetic, Secret, Gillette, McDonalds, etc.), but I've also coaching some pretty awesome small businesses as well - from etiquette consultants to fashion retailers. 


I actually LOVE balancing a corporate career with entrepreneurship, because the experiences I face growing multi-million dollar brands helps me be more successful as a marketing coach and strategist. And vice versa, working on small brands helps me think differently about corporate challenges and #firstworldproblems. You see, all brands pretty much go through the same cycle. First it's trying to "find yourself" and understanding your mission/vision, target audience, etc. Then your confidence grows and hopefully your sales as well. But then a competitor comes in the picture and totally wrecks the market, and then you find yourself trying to "find yourself" again. 


In 2016, another boss came into my life - in the form of a now toddler named Bella. Being a mompreneur adds another layer of dimension, and distinction, to my coaching style. Yes, you may occasionally hear a toddler yelling at me in the background for attention (she barges in rooms, sorry), and yes it's ok if your kids are yelling at you as well. I am passionate about creating solutions/services that help you budget and balance your time to focus on your business. 

Cliff Notes Version:

  • Reside in Dallas, TX with my husband, Vic, and bossy toddler, Bella

  • Graduate of two U of Ms: University of Michigan (Bachelors) and University of Miami (MBA)

  • Corporate Background in Consumer Insights, Loyalty Marketing, CRM, Brand Management, Product Management and Strategy

  • Started consulting with my first baby, Incite! LLC. in 2010. Took a break for a few years because… and came back with Cherice Jenelle, LLC

  • President of National Black MBA Association | Dallas - Fort Worth Chapter

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